Meet Our Suppliers: Wild Timor Coffee Co.


Here at Pizza D’oh we’re committed to selecting the finest and freshest local produce and ingredients, because it’s not just what we know about making pizza that counts, it’s also who we know.

As Mornington Peninsula locals we’re lucky enough to call this stunning slice of paradise home, and we strive to use that position of privilege to ensure all of our ingredients are sourced sustainably, from the pizzas in our oven to the beans in our coffee.

Although Australia produces some of the world’s best coffee, we’re proud to partner with coffee bean suppliers that meet our personal belief in the ‘3 P’s’:

  • People
  • Planet
  • Profit

This model puts the wellbeing of our environment and supporting our suppliers on equal footing as running a business. That’s why we choose coffee beans that are supporting local coffee farmers and reducing our ecological footprint.

Today we’ll be shining the spotlight on our long term coffee bean supplier - Wild Timor Coffee Co. It turns out your favourite coffee at Pizza D'oh has come a long way to land in your cup - over 3,479 kilometres to be exact, and we’re excited to share that journey with you.

Read on to discover how every single bean we order is designed by nature to be delicious, and helping to improve the lives of Timorese communities.

Why are we proud to partner with Wild Timor Coffee Co.?

Wild Timor Coffee Co. is more than a source of beans - each coffee bean represents crucial support for developing communities in Timor-Leste.

Founded in 2012, Wild Timor Coffee Co grew out of the discovery that coffee originally planted by the Portuguese roughly 200 years ago was still growing (and thriving) in remote villages of Timor-Leste.

Found in the mountain regions of Maubisse and Aileu, the founders of Wild Timor Coffee Co. (made up of four former Australian defence force personnel on a peace-keeping mission) saw an opportunity to help local coffee farmers who were being exploited by coffee brokers.

The mission of Wild Timor Coffee Co. is to:

  • Source organic, ethical and direct traded coffee
  • Offer fair prices by matching and then raising the price of other buyers
  • Develop social programs to encourage and nurture the skills of young Timorese people

With a commitment to helping local communities, and a passion for delivering rich, smooth, velvety coffee, a partnership between Pizza D’oh and Wild Timor Coffee Co. was inevitable.

How did we come to partner with Wild Timor Coffee Co?

We found Wild Timor Coffee Co. as a result of Pizza D’oh founding partner, Andrew, volunteering in Timor Leste.

Helping to open a hospitality training centre for the East Timor Development Agency (ETDA) in 2013, Andrew was proud to represent Pizza D’oh in establishing an organisation that was helping the youth of Timor to develop usable skills in a range of industries and areas. Timor Leste as a nation is young and still finding its identity after Portuguese and Indonesian occupation and it’s crucial the youth of the country are supported.

As an opportunity to help shape the next generation of skilled Timorese youth, the ETDA is playing a pivotal role - and though Andrew expected to pass on valuable skills and know-how, he never expected to find one of the most unique coffee beans in the world to bring home to the Mornington Peninsula community.

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Tasting notes from the hills of Timor-Leste

Caramel. Chocolate. Cherry sweetness.

These flavours drip from every cup of coffee sourced from the misty hills of Timor-Leste. A hardy bean, the combination of Arabica and Robusta beans brings a smooth, velvety flavour that makes it close to impossible to stop at just one cup (or maybe that’s just our experience).

As coffee drinkers ourselves we set a high bar for every bean we taste, and we can honestly say we love these beans!!! Rich, full of flavour and with a nice, acid finish.

Oh, and they’re a great way to jolt you out of your early-morning fog on a chilly Mornington Peninsula morning, which is a great boost too.

Why we love Wild Timor Coffee Co. beans

Any coffee drinker can tell a quality bean from a bad bean, which is why we love adding the unique flavours of Timorese beans to every cup.

A natural hybrid of Arabica and Robusta beans, this combination is only found in Timor-Leste, creating a unique flavour profile that’s truly one of a kind.

With a true care for their products, each bean is grown organically under shade clothes and are kept bird-free and chemical-free. After being hand sorted to ensure premium quality, the beans are imported to Australia where we may or may not enjoy a few cups ourselves.

Supporting communities in need around the world

It’s easy to look at our geographical neighbours and get swept up in the magic of Bali and the Pacific Islands, but with Timor-Leste offering so much we’re as passionate about sharing their story as we are their beans.

Although Timor-Leste offers an unusual source of coffee, it’s hilly terrain and mountainous geography provide the perfect environment to grow rich, flavourful beans. Outside of the flavour profile, knowing we’re playing our part to support local Timorse communities makes us determined to continue the relationship we built in 2013 and share stunning Timorese coffee with the world.

At Pizza D’oh we love Wild Timor Coffee Co. because their organically grown, sustainably sourced beans fill two cups...

Our customer’s, and the farmer’s.

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