What Makes a Great Pizza Experience?
[Hint: It’s Not Us]

Two Pizzas

What makes for a GREAT experience when you sit down to enjoy your favourite pizza?

If you answered the flavour, the cost, or the company...you’d be wrong.

It’s true that everyone enjoys great food and great company, but there’s one special ingredient behind all successful restaurants - including our very own Pizza D’oh.

Having been serving food to our Mornington Peninsula customers since early 1980 - and having kept our menu the same for almost 14 years - we’ve had time to see what makes a restaurant successful, and it turns out it has nothing to do with us at all.

Read on to see why great pizza comes down to ONE ingredient (that isn’t even in the kitchen), and reach the end to claim a little reward for being with us throughout our journey.

What is the Pizza D’oh experience?

As Blairgowrie’s oldest restaurant under one owner, we’ve seen the Mornington Peninsula become more and more popular with each passing year; and seen the summer months explode with tourists and families looking for a weekend away.

Through it all we’ve maintained our focus on delivering great food - with two of our staff having been working at Pizza D’oh since we launched, as well as staff relationships that have led to 3 wonderful kids!

Our key staff have also been here a minimum of four years, and every summer we see the same pool of staff come back to lend a hand and make sure our customers have the best possible experience.

Through the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, we saw how people used food to stay connected and hold onto a little normality (even if it meant using Uber Eats more and eating out less), and to us that captures the Pizza D’oh experience - enjoying the simple things in life even when life isn’t so simple.

Using only the best Mornington Peninsula and imported ingredients, preparing all food on-site, and treating food simply to ensure the best flavour - these qualities underpin everything we do. All because our restaurant culture is everything to us. We wouldn’t expect you to care about the food on your plate if we didn’t pour the same care into making it.

What makes for an unforgettable pizza experience?

We promised we’d tell you what makes for an UNFORGETTABLE pizza experience and we’re true to our word. Here are the 4 pillars necessary to keep any food-based business alive.

Friendly, customer-first service

Top notch food

Great food can be summed up in three words - flavour, flavour, flavour.

Across locally-sourced and fresh seafood; plus pizza and pasta dishes made from the highest quality local and imported ingredients, if it doesn’t taste amazing then the experience is lacking.

An Instagram-worthy experience

There’s no harm in admitting part of eating out can be about capturing the food and sharing mouth-watering pics with your friends and family. Whether it’s on Instagram or showing a loved one the next day, great food can’t just taste great, it needs to lookgreat too.

And ONE mystery ingredient (read on to find out what)

There’s still ONE crucial ingredient behind all great food experiences (not just Pizza D’oh). But before we share it with you, we want to explain why we love our local Mornington Peninsula community...

Our commitment to the community

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do (which is a huge clue for the mystery ingredient we’ve been talking about).

Whether it’s the challenges of lockdown, social distancing or something else entirely, we know there’s no Pizza D’oh without our customers.

That’s why we try to give back as much as possible, including:

  • Sponsoring BYS, Nippers and Sorrento Junior Football Club
  • Raising $44,000 over 9 years for our favourite charity - Streetsmart
  • Supporting the Mornington Peninsula Hospice
  • Providing vouchers for local schools, kindergartens and sporting clubs
  • Promoting local artists with 3 x artists/year gifted free hanging space

We know it’s a mistake to think we know what our customers want, because our customers are always changing. If your kids are lucky enough to call the Mornington Peninsula home, we’ll need to adapt to meet their expectations, so we focus on the one thing that doesn’t change - our community.

The more ways we can give back, the better.

Because the mystery ingredient behind every great pizza experience, whether it’s in our restaurant or in your lounge room...is YOU.

The mystery ingredient in a great pizza restaurant experience...is YOU

Through the challenges of 2020 and the obstacles we all faced as Victorians, the #1 thing that kept us going was you - our customers.

Because it doesn’t matter how fresh the ingredients are, how hot the pizza oven is, how skilled the chefs are or what year the wine was bottled. Great experiences with food require people like you who support your local restaurants and inspire us to keep finding ways to give back.

That’s why every Pizza D’oh customer is eligible to join our Loyalty Program free of charge.

This entitles you to earn Pizza D’oh dollars to be redeemed at our restaurant for discounts on your favourite food. We also offer half-price delivery if you live in Rye, Blairgowrie or Sorrento - because we want to thank you for your loyalty and support (and if you’re a local like us we want to help make your next meal as affordable as it is mouth-watering).

Oh, and if your birthday or anniversary is coming up we’ll throw in a complimentary bottle of wine (or free champagne if you’re in the mood for bubbles) and half-priced corkage from Sunday to Thursday.

We know what makes a great pizza, but it’s not the food that makes a great pizza experience - it’s the people.

Ready to save money on your next delicious meal? Join the Loyalty Program online for FREE and be signed up in under 30 seconds