What is 'Gourmet Pizza'

and Why Do Australians Love It?

There's no doubt that Aussies love their pizza.

With over 264 million pizzas eaten each year, we're a nation of hungry pizza-lovers, which is surprising as pizza was only introduced to Australia in the 1940's following Italian immigration after the Second World War.

But pizza has come a long, long way since then.

Your average Italian-style pizza had a focus on simple ingredients (think tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil) and looked much different to the range of options you have now.

The next step in Australia's pizza journey was the introduction of early American pizza chains which took Italian-style pizza and turned them into a quick and easy meal. This involved simplifying the pizza-making process for speed, but adding on extra toppings for customer convenience (think hawaiin, meatlovers, supreme, etc).

And in 2021 the pizza of choice for hungry Aussies is gourmet - offering a wide range of toppings and flavours brought together by pizza makers who put extra care and attention into every slice.

Having provided gourmet pizzas to the Mornington Peninsula for almost 15 years (and with no plans to stop), we want to share what makes our pizzas 'gourmet'. So the next time you feel like stopping by for a slice, you'll know exactly what quality ingredients, care and attention go into your favourite pizza.


What is a 'Gourmet' pizza?

'Gourmet' is one of those terms that can be applied in dozens of ways.

But just because your local American pizza chain adds the word 'gourmet' to their latest marketing campaign doesn't necessarily mean their pizza is gourmet.

In Australia, gourmet is typically used to describe pizza that isn't traditional and offers ingredients, presentation and an attention to detail that are high-quality and above average.

That's how a gourmet pizza has your mouth water and has you licking your lips ready for your first bite.

A gourmet pizza is easy to spot as a dish because it offers a modern and contemporary style while using the freshest, finest ingredients. The dough will typically be kneaded by hand, often by pizza makers with years of experience. And the extensive offering of toppings are picked for their flavour and superior qualities to change the way a pizza tastes, not the speed they can be made.

At Pizza D'oh we've been making the Mornington Peninsula's favourite gourmet pizzas since the early 2000's, so we've made 'gourmet' an art form.

To help you spot the difference between a regular pizza and a gourmet pizza we'll give you a peek inside our Pizza D'oh kitchen to see how a gourmet experience is created, one step at a time.

It all starts with the freshest, finest ingredients

Gourmet pizzas have ingredients that stand out for two reasons:

  • Freshness
  • Quality

That means the pizza you find in your local Coles or Woolies can't qualify as gourmet (no matter what it says on the box) because it's frozen. This is great for heating up a meal quickly, but the trade-off is the loss of flavour and quality that comes with freeze-dried pizzas.

Gourmet pizzas, and Victorian gourmet pizza restaurants, also look to use the finest, freshest ingredients possible. This often means establishing relationships with local producers to ensure produce comes straight from the farm to your table.

At Pizza D'oh we've partnered with a range of local producers to ensure your dining experience is exploding with flavour. If you haven't had a chance, learn a little about our wine suppliers and coffee suppliers here.

PIZZA D'OH FUN FACT: Did you know the first Hawaiian pizza was actually made in Canada? So the next time you get into the debate over whether pineapple belongs on pizza, don't blame the Hawaiians!

Then we knead the dough by hand

It's easy to spot the difference between a gourmet pizza and Italian-style pizza if you dough what you're looking for...sorry, *know* what you're looking for.

Both gourmet and commercial pizza dough can be made into a range of styles including thick, thin, deep-dish, and traditional. But the quality of the dough is what sets a gourmet pizza apart.

This is because gourmet dough has been freshly-kneaded, rather than living in a freezer for months prior to landing on your plate. As commercial chains need to send out high volumes of pizza, their techniques often involve just flour, water and salt for fast results.

In contrast, gourmet pizza restaurants typically add yeast to their dough, kneading the dough to form gluten, and letting the dough rise to create a light, chewy texture and mouth-watering taste. Although the gourmet method of creating and kneading dough takes longer, the end result and flavour is undeniable.

Next, it's time for your favourite toppings (and we've got plenty)

There's nothing wrong with enjoying a 'classic' pizza, whether it's a margherita, pepperoni or something else entirely.

Gourmet pizzas build on the legacy of the early Italian-style pizzas that came to Australian shores in the 1940's and offer dozens of additional toppings for the most extensive selection.

That means you can enjoy your pepperoni pizza on a base made from freshly kneaded dough. Or, add extra meats, cheeses and veggies to create a one-of-a-kind pizza for yourself.

As we touched on, not only is the selection of toppings superior when ordering a gourmet pizza, but the quality is superior too. We're talking about sauce made from fresh tomatoes and hand-selected herbs that have been carefully paired for flavour, or succulent seafood that's been pulled fresh from the vibrant blue waters of the Bass Strait.

We're getting hungry just describing the potential flavour options that come with a gourmet pizza - and if you're getting hungry too, we've got a gift for you (read on to claim your gift).

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With over 15 years of experience making pizzas for our Mornington Peninsula customers, we're passionate about providing gourmet experiences that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Like most cuisines, Australians have taken an international dish and put their unique spin on it.

As a melting pot of cultures and people, it's no surprise that pizza flavours have evolved over the years to offer something to suit all taste buds. And at Pizza D'oh we're always looking for new ways to celebrate those flavours while supporting our local community.

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