Pizza D'oh in the Community:
Proud DineSmart Partners

Get to know our charity partners and discover the difference you’re making to your local community.

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1 in 200 people are currently homeless in Australia. 

This may not seem like a huge number, but with 116,000 people going to sleep each night without a roof over their heads, not all Australians are blessed with a place to call home. 

At Pizza D’oh, we understand our responsibility to the Mornington Peninsula community extends further than sourcing fresh ingredients and providing the highest standard of customer service possible.

That’s why we’re proud to support DineSmart, an organisation raising funds and awareness to bring about change for people experiencing homelessness. With a focus on grassroots change, DineSmart allows funds raised to be injected back into local communities like yours, helping tackle homelessness in the Mornington Peninsula.

Finding the right charitable partnership meant finding an organisation that shares our values, so read on to learn a little about DineSmart, why we’ve been raising funds for a decade and a half, and why YOU are at the heart of change in the Mornington Peninsula.

Who is DineSmart?

DineSmart is a fundraising arm of StreetSmart, a charity founded in 2003 to break down prejudices about homelessness, raise vital funds for local grassroots organisations, and support people experiencing homelessness. 

All funds raised are distributed through local projects that are as close to where they are raised as possible. So when you support us to raise money (read on to discover how much you and the Mornington Peninsula community have raised), you’re supporting your own local area and delivering innovative responses to community needs.

Put simply, everyone has a right to a home and DineSmart allows us to support frontline services lacking public funding, empower social change, and lend a helping hand to those doing it tough. Delivering the Mornington Peninsula’s best pizza feels great, but knowing we’re doing our bit to help the community feels even better.

Why we partner with DineSmart

We’ve been involved with DineSmart for 14 years (and counting). With plenty of worthy charities to choose from, why have we built such a relationship with DineSmart?

It’s simple. 

Because the funds raised go back into the community where those funds were raised. This ensures we’re playing an active role in giving back to the community that’s supported us since early 1980 (has it really been *that* long?!).

While fundraising is important, DineSmart also supports social enterprises where people at risk of homelessness are trained while cooking meals for their community. When we saw the combination of community support and the chance to help train the next generation of chefs and cooks, it was a perfect match.

This focus on grassroots change helps to enable and empower the Mornington Peninsula community and ensures we never lose sight of what really matters. It’s not the freshness of our seasonal ingredients (even though that does matter) or the authenticity of our Timor Leste coffee beans (even though that matters too).

What matters most is playing an active role in our community by supporting a charity that’s important to our patrons and makes a difference in the lives of our fellow Victorians.

A huge thanks to YOU for raising $43,409.65

Our fundraising efforts with DineSmart are only as strong as our fundraisers, and that’s why we want to share a huge THANK YOU to you, and every one of our patrons over the years. 

Between our yearly fundraisers and December’s DineSmart initiatives (where patrons add $2 to the top of their bill), you have helped raise $43,409.65 to support grassroots movements and we literally couldn’t have done it without you.

With 14 years of working alongside DineSmart behind us, we’re as excited as ever for the future and want to share our thanks in the only way we know how: delicious pizza, a positive social impact, and a commitment to serving you the freshest and tastiest food possible.

Oh, and we’d like to thank you in the form of our Pizza D’oh Loyalty Program too! Join today to receive Pizza D’oh dollars (to be redeemed in-store on our menu items), half-price delivery*, and a free bottle of wine on your birthday or anniversary.

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